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Young Justice. Is cancelled. What the actual FUCK? If you can, go HERE, choose “Programming,” and because Young Justice or Green Lantern is no longer on there, choose “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” and blow it up with messages that basically state you want this damn show (Young Justice) back on the air. Please and thank you!!!

Court of Owls, by Lemwell.

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Bruce Wayne is tired of your shit.

How to deal with party crashers

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Court of Owls Colors by ~cheinrich1981

Talon by Jonathan Glapion


Batman vs Talon by Mike Hartigan



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It’s amazing how identical to this is to art in Batman.

Night of the Owls // Ken Hunt (Pencils) | Dany Morales (Colours)

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Bats vs Talons - Night of the Owls crossover May 2012.

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"Fan-favorite artist Marcus To will be joining writer Judd Winick on BATWING, beginning with issue #9 in May."

Batwing #9 // Marcus To | Deviant Art | Tumblr | Twitter

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