The Goddamn Blogman
I am the blogger you deserve but not the one you need right now. But you will follow me, because I can take it. Because I’m not your tumblr crush. I’m a silent poster, a watchful reblogger. A Goddamn Blogman.

I dun goofed

Anonymous asked:


There are way too many idiots on the road allowed behind the wheel of a car.

Thankfully @naj_grumpypants and I walked away with nothing more than a few superficial scratches.

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hey ive really been wanting to tell u i have a crush on you! if u want to know who i am message me on kik! jacquelyngreaver7


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If you’re interested in fitness and motivating stuff, if you want to get to know the other side of me or just if you want another way to stay in touch with me. You might even get a sneak peek at what I look like from time to time if you’re into that sort of thing.

To be honest I’m a lot more active there than I have been here just because it’s so much less time consuming. I don’t want to sound like a broken record but I really am super busy from when I open my eyes in the morning until when I fall asleep at night every day. Hopefully you all can understand or at least sympathize with that.

I’ll try my best to get this blog somewhat active again sometime soon when I have a moment to breath. Until then, thanks for sticking around and being so cool.

If you do end up following me on Instagram I’d really love it if you could shoot me a msg here or tag me in a comment there or something just so I know you guys are from here. I’m curious to see how many will do it, if any at all haha.


rabidbadgerfrancis asked:
Do you have a DA?

No sir and/or madam I currently do not have a District Attorney under my employ. 


Goodbye world, it’s been nice knowing you all. #PS4 #MidnightLaunch #NextGen #GreatnessAwaits #AllNighter

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